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NZ Corvettes was founded around 1980 by a Kiwi gentleman of English descent called Jim Maidens (with the support of a few local NZ Corvette owners). Jim lived in Blenheim and from all accounts he was rather eccentric (often seen wearing Coca Cola flared pants), and accompanied by his Old English sheepdog and pet turtle, although despite his eccentricity, he was regarded as a truly dedicated, honest and genuine Vette lover.  His love of cars included a Turquoise ’66 roadster (with a little turtle stuck on the drivers door to hide the paint chip), a 73 454 Corvette (turquoise) and a 70s 454 Camaro (turquoise).  Jim began by forming a register of all known Corvette owners, the details sent out to each person in a newsletter. From this evolved the first Vette Get-together (known as the Corvette Nationals today) which was held in Nelson in 1981 with 16 Corvettes attending. Sadly Jim died in 1997, leaving a huge void in the NZ Corvette community but NZ Corvettes has remained under a number of caretakers since, his newsletter given a new look and named the ‘Vette Gazette’ in 1998, so his legacy lives on.

NZ Corvettes is a non-profit making, voluntarily run organization that offers a NZ wide view at all things Corvette. If you are interested in what’s happening in the Corvette scene throughout NZ then NZ Corvettes offers the following:

(1)                The Vette Gazette: a magazine published 3 times a year in April, August and December. The Gazette covers the annual National Corvette Convention, news from Vette groups around the country, technical topics, profiles Vette owners, and advertises parts and cars for sale or wanted. The cost of joining NZ Corvettes basically covers the costs of producing the Vette Gazette.

(2)                The Corvette Register: This is published in the August edition of the Vette Gazette and is a list of all financial members of NZ Corvettes. This list is only given to NZ Corvettes members and is regarded as information for members only. (If for privacy reasons, you do not want some or all of your details published, then this can be arranged).

(3)                The Corvette Nationals: NZ Corvettes publishes information about forthcoming National events and features them in the Vette Gazette.  The Corvette Nationals are normally held around February each year, and alternate between the North and South Island. Anywhere between 90-100 cars attend but in 2015, at the Nationals hosted by Deep South Corvettes in Wanaka, 110 cars attended.


You can join NZ Corvettes by simply completing a registration form and fees are payable in January each year. A renewal form is included in the December Vette Gazette. Should you join mid-year, NZ Corvettes will endeavour to provide with all 3 copies of the Vette Gazette for that year.  You can pay by cheque or online by as per the registration form but the completed registration form must be sent to us.

Safe Vetting

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